Thursday, March 23, 2006

Knocked down, not out

Okay, I'm over the "shock and awe," Dorothy! I'm weathering the tornado that blew through my marriage, and I am moving on alone down that Yellowbrick Road to Oz, hopefully picking up the Scarecrow (mind), the Tin Man (heart) and the Lion (courage) along the way.

Agents Smith, Smith and Smith have not been completely successful in taking me out, although I must say they did a damn good job of putting me in a whole lot of pain and misery, which has shut me up for a number of months now. Curious that all the problems with hubby started about the same time I was really getting going on the 'ol blog here. Then, Neo, just when I started really making some meaningful contribution as a member of a certain internet research group that studies many of the topics I write about, all hell broke loose at home, throwing me into the pit of negative emotion, out of which I've only just begun to crawl.

Oh, oh, and Alice, last summer, as all of this hoopla with my husband was beginning to flare up, my handle, "Star Dust," was used in two different variations to disparage this same internet research group on another web forum, causing suspicion within the group (classic COINTELPRO tactics: cause dissent, suspicion and mistrust within the target group, attack individual members of the group to scare them off or prevent them from participating, etc.). My guess is the Architects had also hoped to draw me into the forum discussion, in which I decided was not in anyone's best interest for me to participate, especially since that very same day I had been viciously attacked, via a string of e-mails, by a psychopathic co-worker. I was in way too emotional a state to deal with this latest attack, except to assure the e-group that it was not "moi" making these posts -- someone had stolen my handle -- or several variations thereof, anyway.

If you want to see these COINTELPRO tactics at work, just look at how "Signs of the Times," an alternative news organization, is currently being attacked. Laura Knight Jadczyk writes about the attacks from on today's Signs and on her blog at

Now, you may be thinking about now, "Boy, Neo, she's a bit paranoid and delusional, don't ya' think?" Well, when you put the evidence together and look at it objectively, it does appear there are forces afoot to stop me from waking up, writing this blog and participating in the research group. Call it the Architects and their Agents and Programs, call it the General Law, call it the Predator, call it Lucifer -- it is the force that keeps us asleep and imprisoned in the Matrix. It must be struggled against to awaken, to emerge from our mechanical slumber.

So, will this series of attacks stop me from doing these things, Dorothy? "No way," I say. "Bring it on! Do your worst! I'm not giving up!" I couldn't possibly sink any lower than I've already been for the past seven or eight months. Well, I guess I could be "extraordinairily renditioned" to a prison in Bulgaria -- that probably would be sinking lower. Yeah, for sure that would be lower!

But, enough about me, it's really time to get back to work ... so very much has happened in the Fascist States of America since I last posted.

BushCo has been busy planning more war against Iran and Syria. Our pathetic, gutless, compromised Congress recently renewed support for the illegal wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, authorizing billions of dollars to further maim, kill and torture innocent people. These same people, who are supposed to represent us, also just reauthorized the Patriot Act, which continues to allow government spying on own its own citizens (also evidenced by Bush ordering warrantless wiretapping of U.S. citizens through the NSA) and the lock-up of enemy combatants without access to attorneys, without charges, without trial. Am I living in a free country? I don't think so, Alice!

Oh, and now that Bush has stacked the Supreme Court with right-wing evangelists, we're sure to see a further crack down on civil rights, not to mention that it now gives the Neocons complete control over all three branches of government -- just what the Architects ordered -- a police state.

Why Congress will not bring impeachment proceedings against this administration is beyond my comprehension, Neo! The lies that Bush and his feifdom have told far, far outweigh the perjury Bill Clinton may have committed in testifying about his sex life, yet Congress was oh-so-very-quick to bring impeachment proceedings against him for lying about SEX. My heavens, people! Where are our priorities? This administration is committing GRAVE ATROCITIES based on LIES, and Congress does nothing, nada, zip, just keeps going along with the lies, funding the lies, fueling the lies ... and so it is and so it will be ... it seems.

I read a political button recently that said, "If you aren't outraged, you're not paying attention!" Well, I'm paying attention, and I'm absolutely outraged that my tax dollars are going to fund illegal wars, to fund more prisons in Iraq instead of real help in reconstructing a country we've destroyed, to fund political payoffs to an oil cartel that is now reaping record profits under this administration, to fund illegal wiretapping of U.S. citizens, oh, and there are so many other reasons to demand that this administration step down that I could fill pages.

The only conclusion one can reach at this point is that the U.S. government has gone completely mad, and the Maddest Hatter is at the helm. Time to seriously plan an exit strategy, Neo!