Sunday, July 30, 2006

Good men must DO something or evil prevails

I thought when I last posted in March that I was back in full force, but it's been a full four months since I last posted. I must now admit that I needed more time to heal from the shock and emotional bankruptcy created by almost a full year now of dealing with my covert aggressive, psycopathic, soon-to-be ex-husband. However, I can no longer remain in my pain and silence when the world is quickly going to hell, and I do mean a hell created here on earth by the psycopaths at the helm of our governments, especially the governments of the U.S., Britain and Israel.

Reading River's blog from Iraq, looking at pictures of children blown up in Lebanon and coming full force with the realization that it is MY government who is creating and supporting these atrocities. Anyone with a conscience must actively DO something to denounce this genocide of the Arabic peoples. We must speak out, we must protest, we must write our congress people, we must write on the Internet, call the Media, and pursue it with the same relentlessness that these psycopaths are pursuing their path of utter destruction. As the English philosopher Edmund Burke once said, "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing."

Israel's massacre of Lebanese civilians is no less atrocious than what Hitler did to their own peoples. You would think the Jewish Zionists would have learned compassion from that experience and would not want to visit on another peoples what had been visited on them, but you know the pattern, Alice -- the abused becomes the abuser. The U.S.' continued support for Israel should be denounced by every person in our government and a cease fire immediately be called for. But what is happening instead, we have people in our government calling those who would denounce this barbaric attack on Lebanon as "anti-Semites." Wake up, Neo, and follow the White Rabbit, for chrissakes!

Israel has been persecuting the Palestinians since they grabbed their land in 1948. They don't want a two-state solution -- they want total control of the land. They are currently massacring the Palestinians in Gaza, and now their blood-thirsty leaders want control of Lebanon, too. And I don't want to hear from any of you who think Israel is just "defending" herself from Arab terrorists. Israel created Arab terrorists, just like BushCo has created the supposed "war on terror."

Let's just take one example, the Israeli Mossad created the Hamas group, as an organization by which they could infilterate Palestinian resistance groups. When the Palestinians recently elect a Hamas-led government by democratic means, they then denounce Hamas, call for all nations to cut off aid to the Palestinians and are effectively committing genocide by starvation, not to mention the daily attacks in Gaza. Another example, they withdraw from Gaza to appease just about everyone who has called for Israel to give back land they stole, then find an excuse (the capture of a single Israeli soldier) to go back in, destroy Gaza, massacre hundreds of people and make it so that no Palestinian can live there.

Israel's destruction of the infrastructure of Lebanon and killing some 600+ Lebanese civilians (to date) seems wholly out of proportion to Hezbollah capturing two Israeli soldiers, which they haven't even killed. The U.S. and Britain's destruction of the Iraqi infrastructure and killing of hundreds of thousands of Iraqi and Afghani civilians in an illegal and immoral war, based on lies to the their own citizens, is wholly out of proportion to the 911 incident, wherein a few thousand Americans were killed -- and not even by the hands of Arab terrorists, as the evidence is mounting that 911 was an inside job (see 911 Truth Movement's Alex Jones hosting a Symposium of American Scholars run only on CSPAN, one of few mainstream media vehicles willing to dig into the truth). Not only do these psycopaths think nothing of killing other peoples, they think nothing of killing their own citizens, as long as it furthers the Architects' agenda.

I just went out and voted in an MSNBC poll asking whether President Bush should be impeached. Some 87% of the public says "yes"! You can add your vote at the link and see the results for yourself. The public has the power to demand the truth, to denounce the illegal wars being conducted around the globe by the axis of evil -- the U.S., Britain and Israel -- and to take our power back. If good men do nothing, evil pervails.

We must DO, and DO now, before it's too late.


Anonymous Abe Bird said...

War against aggression (with 6 soldiers killed, 2 kidnapped and barrage of mortars and rockets on Israeli emplacements to avoid that soldiers could help the other ones) is a military aggression!! And all the country in the world have right to reply; if Israel can't do it... it's more realistic your first hypothesis, not the second! Anyway if you don't like Israel's RIGHT war, please don't remain with your fat bottom on the chair.... go to Lebanon and fight the Jews.

As long as the arab mindset remains that the taking of Jewish life is more important than the saving of arab life, we'll stay stuck at this point.
A normal, sane mentality considers the numbers of death of it's own people before continuing to try and kill the enemy.
The critics of Israel need to train their sights at hizbullah and the rest of the lebanese government for their continued aggression despite their total lack of ability to defend themselves.
They are operating on the assumption that Israel will not hit back in kind. Neither a guerilla nor a conventional army should target civilians. With that being said, if it's the method of operation and the strength of the enemy to move between civilians and use them as shelter, then that it is their responsibility to defend them.
hizbullah has failed miserably to defend the population yet continues to attack just the same only to get more pain inflicted.
The humanists must ask hizbullah how they can continue to destroy Lebanon.

Here is the root problem the international community faces when giving advice. If the muslim civilians anywhere from Morocco to Pakistan go out to the street and celebrate the death of Israeli civilians after a suicide bombing or a soldier's kidnapping, or Katyusha rocket launch the world accepts it as part of islamic culture. If Israel apologizes for accidental bombing either UN or civilian they are accused of war crimes and lying. Imagine if the Israelis were dancing in the street after the Qana tragedy (which later proved to be HA proPalganda lies). If the international community really wants to weigh in, there needs to be equal expectations.

funny only Israeli`s have committed barbaric acts - you mean Plo, hamas, hezbolla and muslims in general have never, ever once committed a barbaric act? - Maybe the world is not anti-semitic but they are hypocrites! I went to school with muslim women and their fathers personally check to make sure they did not have sex with anyone, when they came for vacations. That`s not sick, weird, abnormal behavior? How about village stoning parties, honor killings & etc, etc & etc this is just a small list of horrific things muslims have done- look in the mirror muslims as Europeans, Jews and some Americans do - yes, may be some of you are not anti-semietic BUT ARE hypocrites and that makes you just as dangerous.

Qana - the plot thickens

Qana is a war zone. Israel warned Qana civilians time and again for the last days before action that the IDF is about to tackle the Hizballah terrorists who operate from within Qana and launching dozens of Katyusha every day from that town, buildings and trenches. Then the terrorists took shelter at the evacuated houses in the village. Those who should be blamed are Hizbabbalah terrorists who attacked Israel and not Israel who defended herself.

Hizballah firing rockets from Qana, Lebanon

The enemy of the Jews and of Israel

2:06 AM  
Blogger Star Dust said...

I'm publishing this comment for now, but I reserve the right to respond to the inaccuracies of fact when I have more time. I had nearly finished a complete response when I lost it, and I don't have time to redo it right now.

10:05 AM  

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