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Pathocracy reigns in unholy alliance

I received the comments quoted below in response to my last post, "Good men must DO something or evil prevails," and I promised to respond (see the "Comments" on this post). Nevermind that it's taken me nearly a year to finally get back to my blog. I wrote most of this in August of last year, but I'm just now finishing it and getting it posted. I hope to come out of my fog sometime soon and start posting more frequently from the quickly becoming Fascist States of America.

I cannot in all good conscience let the lies in these comments prevail without giving them what they ask for -- the truth -- and because this is a perfect example of how the pathocracy of the U.S., Britain and Israel work to marginalize dissent of their unholy alliance, I'd like to thank Abe Bird for submitting these comments, as it gives me the opportunity to point out how Agents work, decrying others who would step outside the Matrix of mainstream thinking. I know its old news but the discussion here revolves around Israel's attack on Lebanon last summer.

Abe Bird said...
War against aggression (with 6 soldiers killed, 2 kidnapped and barrage of mortars and rockets on Israeli emplacements to avoid that soldiers could help the other ones) is a military aggression!! And all the country in the world have right to reply; if Israel can't do it... it's more realistic your first hypothesis, not the second!

Let's first address the inaccuracy of the facts in the first sentence, designed clearly to invoke the phrase "Israel has a right to defend itself." The only aggression that Lebanon committed to provoke the wholly disproportianate attack by Israel was to "capture," not "kidnap," two Israeli soldiers in their own territory. What were these guys doing there to begin with? Didn't Lebanon have a right to "defend" itself? No soldiers were killed, nor rockets fired by Lebanon, until Israel began bombing a sovereign country.

Now, let's look a little more closely at this claim that Israel has a "right to defend itself." I'd like to quote from Joe Quinn's July 20 analysis, The Real Enemy:

Is It Really About Defence?
As an explanation for the murder of 300 Lebanese civilians over the past 7 days and the murder of over 3,000 Palestinian civilians and 800 Israeli civilians over the past five years, Bush and Olmert repeatedly state that "Israel has a right to defend itself". When the facts are analysed, this claim is nonsensical and an outright lie. The Israeli military has been occupying Palestinian, Lebanese (the Chebaa Farms area) and Syrian (Golan heights) for almost 40 years. In the Palestinian land that it occupies, the Israeli government had reduced the Palestinian population therein to little more than slaves. Israel holds these lands in defiance of international law. This is the major source of Palestinian and Hezbollah resentment towards and attacks on Israel. The continuation of an enforced occupation of the sovereign territory of another people and nation simply cannot be described as "defence". If a person comes and throws you out of your home and occupies it by force of arms, he may claim that he is "defending" it, but it is a defence of something acquired through illegal means and is therefore an unlawful and aggressive act. It is not defence.

The history of Israeli tactics in the occupied Palestinian territories over the past 50 years make it very clear that the ultimate goal of the Israeli power brokers has always been the removal, in one way or another, of all Palestinians from their land.

Consider the below image of illegal Israeli settlements in the West.

Now remember, other than the miniscule Gaza strip, this is all of the land available for a Palestinian state! The Israeli government began building the illegal settlements in 1967, the same year that it annexed Lebanese and Syrian land. Today, Israeli settlers live in plush comfortable houses with all amenities on 40% of Palestinian land in the West Bank, while Palestinians regularly have their meager houses destroyed by Israeli bulldozers. All crossings out of Gaza and the West Bank are strictly controlled by Israeli troops, with most Palestinians being denied the right to leave. Poverty in Gaza and the West Bank is rife with 65% of the population living below the poverty line i.e. on less than $2 per day.

What is very clear to Palestinians, and has been for a very long time, is that the Israeli government never intended to allow the Palestinians to have a state of their own. Palestinians are painfully aware of the fact that, since 1967, the Israeli government has been preparing what was left of Palestinian land for a final annexation into Israel, with the only impediment to the fulfillment of this plan being the Palestinians living there. With the recent staged crisis, Israel hopes to find the opportunity to deal with this last 'obstacle' to Greater Israel, once and for all. Clearly then, it is the Palestinians, and now the Lebanese, who are, and have always been engaged in defence against a long-term and ongoing Israeli plot to dispossess them of their land and homes forever. [author's emphasis; British spelling]

We see here that Israel's claim to defense is based on lies. They have yet to comply with UN Resolution 242, calling on them to return the lands they have occupied since 1967. How can they defend something they never had a right to in the first place? This is the lie that is continually twisted to justify their aggression against Palestinians and now the Lebanese.

I have no idea what Abe refers to here as to my first and second hypotheses. My only hypothesis in this post was that the unholy alliance between the US, Britain and Israel is wreaking destruction and devastation, and if we, who have a conscience, DO nothing, this evil will prevail.

Abe Bird continues...

Anyway if you don't like Israel's RIGHT war, please don't remain with your fat bottom on the chair.... go to Lebanon and fight the Jews.

Note again the belief that Israel has a "RIGHT" to defend itself; that this is a "RIGHT war." For all the reasons stated in Joe's anlaysis above. This is not a "RIGHT" war; it is an attempt by Israel to firmly cement its occupation of illegal territories.

As to his suggestion that I get off my "fat bottom on the chair" and "go to Lebanon and fight the Jews," this is fairly ludicrous and indicative of the mentality of those indoctrinated in a belief system of "us" versus "them." I have no intention of fighting anyone, since I believe that all wars have been designed by the pathocrats who rule our governments to line their pockets and those of their friends. A review of history shows us that all wars have been fought for confiscation of land and resources, rather than the ideals that the common folk believe they are being fought for, such as democracy, freedom, liberation, patriotism or religious belief. The aggressor is always out for something material, never for abstract ideas.

Abe Bird continues...

As long as the arab mindset remains that the taking of Jewish life is more important than the saving of arab life, we'll stay stuck at this point. A normal, sane mentality considers the numbers of death of it's own people before continuing to try and kill the enemy.

The critics of Israel need to train their sights at hizbullah and the rest of the Lebanese government for their continued aggression despite their total lack of ability to defend themselves. They are operating on the assumption that Israel will not hit back in kind.

Well, the faulty premise here, Alice, is that we are not dealing with "normal, sane" mentalities at the heads of the unholy alliance. We are dealing with psychopaths who will use any means, including the deaths of their own people, to justify their means. Of course, Abe refers here to the Arab mentality and infers that Hizbullah didn't think Israel would retaliate as they tried to "kill the enemy," but as pointed out already, Hezbollah captured two Israeli soldiers in their own territory -- they did not kill them. And this is what provoked two months worth of bombing and killing on Israel's part. Hardly seems justified.

And since I wrote the above, after the bombing was all over, we learned that in the last weeks of the war against Lebanon, Israel used all sorts of illegal cluster bombs to litter southern Lebanon. It will take many years for Lebanon to recover from such utterly unnecessary devastation. "Hit back in kind"? I'd say they hit back a thousand-fold plus.

Abe Bird continues...

Neither a guerilla nor a conventional army should target civilians. With that being said, if it's the method of operation and the strength of the enemy to move between civilians and use them as shelter, then that it is their responsibility to defend them. hizbullah has failed miserably to defend the population yet continues to attack just the same only to get more pain inflicted. The humanists must ask hizbullah how they can continue to destroy Lebanon.

I agree with the first sentence, but then there's that "but." This is a complete rationalization to justify the hundreds of thousands of Palestinian and Lebanese civilians that Israel has killed in its 40-year occupation. Now the destruction of Lebanon becomes Hizbullah's fault because they weren't able to defend their people? It didn't have anything to do with the two-month long bombing campaign conducted by Israel to retaliate for two soldiers captured on Lebanese soil? Blame the victim -- a classic psycopathic technique.

Abe Bird continues:

Here is the root problem the international community faces when giving advice. If the muslim civilians anywhere from Morocco to Pakistan go out to the street and celebrate the death of Israeli civilians after a suicide bombing or a soldier's kidnapping, or Katyusha rocket launch the world accepts it as part of islamic culture. If Israel apologizes for accidental bombing either UN or civilian they are accused of war crimes and lying. Imagine if the Israelis were dancing in the street after the Qana tragedy (which later proved to be HA proPalganda lies). If the international community really wants to weigh in, there needs to be equal expectations. Funny only Israeli`s have committed barbaric acts - you mean Plo, hamas, hezbolla and muslims in general have never, ever once committed a barbaric act? Maybe the world is not anti-semitic but they are hypocrites!

Again, this is complete rationalization to justify Israel's behavior and contains several inaccuracies. First, the "accidental bombing" of UN troops in Lebanon was in no way accidental, Dorothy, considering they radioed their position quite a number of times to Israeli troops, specifically telling them that they were being fired upon. Nor is the bombing, maiming, imprisonment and torture of Palestinian or Lebanese "civilians" over the last 40 years in any way accidental. It is a planned genocide. Futhermore, at least a few Israelis, perhaps many more, were celebrating while watching the World Trade Center burn on September 11, 2001 (see Laura Knight-Jadczyk's article Mossad and Moving Companies: Masterminds of Global Terrorism?).

Oh, and there's that word -- "anti-semitic" -- only Bird tries to make it sound like he's not calling me or any of us "anti-semitic," just "hypocritical." Always the AS word comes out whenever someone levels the least bit of, in my mind well-deserved, criticism of Israel. Read Douglas Reed's Controversy of Zion to find out how the AS word came into being and how it has been used by Israel to deflect any and all criticism of its occupation of Palestine. This book also does an excellent job of describing the unholy alliance between Israel, Britain and the U.S. -- a must read, Neo!

Abe Bird continues:

I went to school with muslim women and their fathers personally check to make sure they did not have sex with anyone, when they came for vacations. That`s not sick, weird, abnormal behavior? How about village stoning parties, honor killings etc, etc & etc this is just a small list of horrific things muslims have done- look in the mirror muslims as Europeans, Jews and some Americans do - yes, may be some of you are not anti-semietic BUT ARE hypocrites and that makes you just as dangerous.

Okay, Neo, this is another trick of the Agents -- obfuscation. Let's completely divert the attention off the topic of the post to the cultural oddities of Muslims. I'm sure many cultures would find some of our American rituals just as distasteful, but so what? That's not what we're talking about here. This was designed to try to shock the reader into siding with Mr. Bird in his argument.

And there's that word again, Alice! Dammit, I'm not anti-semitic, I'm just a hypocrite! And now I'm dangerous, too! So, we've now connected in the reader's mind -- anti-semitic, hypocrite and dangerous. Are you beginning to see how the Architects of the Matrix program our thoughts? Nevermind that there isn't any TRUTH to it! Just connect a series of dots in people's minds, and they'll believe just about anything. There are still Americans who believe that Saddam was connected to Al-Qaeda, who was connected to 911, and therefore, he must have played a part, so we should bomb the hell out of his country and take it hostage, occupying it, just as Israel has occupied Palestine -- despite the connections having been proved false. Mostly, these are the Americans who watch FOX News, a network run by the Zionist Rupert Murdoch.

Abe Bird continues with more propaganda:

Qana - the plot thickens Qana is a war zone. Israel warned Qana civilians time and again for the last days before action that the IDF is about to tackle the Hizballah terrorists who operate from within Qana and launching dozens of Katyusha every day from that town, buildings and trenches. Then the terrorists took shelter at the evacuated houses in the village. Those who should be blamed are Hizbabbalah terrorists who attacked Israel and not Israel who defended herself.Hizballah firing rockets from Qana, Lebanon The enemy of the Jews and of Israel

The rest of Mr. Bird's comments have to do with what happened at Qana, again trying to justify Israel's actions here in killing many civilians during its "rain" of terror on Lebanon. Let's see, Lebanon is being bombed to smithereens, and Hezbollah tries to defend Lebanon against an army far mightier, so it launches the only weapons it has in defense. But, oh no, not according to Mr. Bird, who justifies the slaughter of civilians by saying it was Israel who was defending herself. I'm sorry, but it's the blame the victim game again, don't you think?


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