Monday, January 31, 2005

The Journey Begins

"Neo, wake up. Wake up. Follow the rabbit..."
The Matrix, 1999

Follow the rabbit, hmmm. And just how deep does the rabbit hole go? I'm not sure anyone can tell, but it probably goes much deeper than any of us can even imagine. Things are not as they seem in this world, Alice.

For several years, I've been thinking about checking out, disappearing, erasing my personal history, as Don Juan would advise, or unplugging from the Matrix, as Neo did when he took the red pill. In that same time, I've grown further into debt, become more dependent on my corporate job and become ever more disgusted and distraught by the actions of my government.

No more sitting on the sidelines. No more thinking about it or reeling from the terror of it all. I must do, take a stand, act in favor of my destiny. I'm going to work my way off the grid, come hell or high water (oops, we're already there, better get moving). I may even end up renouncing my U.S. citizenship. Who knows? Want to come along?

The journey begins when we learn to see reality for what it is -- not the reality portrayed by the corporate controlled media, not the reality that society's norms try to slot us into, not the reality our politicians would shove down our throats. Once we get a glimpse of the man behind the curtain, we can never go back to Kansas, Dorothy.

Before we can see, we simply have to wake up, Neo. I've included a bunch of links here to other websites and blogs that have helped me wake up to reality as it is.

In the coming days, I plan to chronicle my unplugging in the hopes that along the way I might lend a helping hand to those who are also stuck in the Matrix and desperately want out.

Let's follow the rabbit, or the yellow brick road, whichever you prefer. Shall we? Hang on! Here we go-oooo!